It was a late Friday afternoon, the week was almost done and my colleague and I were chatting about our weekend plans, Casino Free Play bonuses and Playing Free Casino Games were his, which I couldn’t quite believe was possible, nor could I believe that he would spend the WHOLE weekend doing the same thing. Now call me a creature of habit, but I have always been hesitant to try new things, especially things that sounded better than what they should, like for example the Free Play Casino Bonuses and Free Casino Games, and all you can eat Pizza for a dollar.

How very wrong I was, Free Play Casino Bonuses are awesome

After he explained how the Free Play Casino Bonuses work and where I could find them, he then proceeded to bet me a fair amount that if I did in fact choose to Play Casino Games for free, not only would I enjoy myself tremendously, but spending the whole weekend playing them was not as unreasonable as it sounded. Creature of habit or not, it was too good an opportunity to pass up and so with the day ending and the details of the Online Casino stored safely in my pocket, I headed home, where my laptop and one of the best weekends in I had ever had.


The Free Play Casino Bonuses adventure

So there I was, at home, sitting on my favourite chair, laptop at the ready and the Casino successfully logged onto ready and waiting to Play Casino Games with my brand spanking new Casino Free Play Bonus at the ready. My habitual creaturness shined through once again and seeing as I often play Texas Hold Em Poker, I decided to play that first. The best things in life really are free and I have never known the saying to be truer as I played Poker, even though the Casino Free Play bonuses didn’t last very long, only a few hours, at which point I had to start paying for my games, I really didn’t mind as I was enjoying myself so much, I simply refused to leave the computer, a fact that my significant other made note of and mocked me about later.


The outcome of my Weekends Play

Before I knew it, Sunday night had arrived and with an Ay Dios Mio escaping my lips, I realised that I had in fact spent the entire weekend with my eyes glued to my screen winning hand after hand after hand of Poker. Such was the prolific nature of the weekend I spent Playing Casino Games, that the only significant amount of money I had to hand over to anyone, was the money I lost betting against Casino Free Play Bonuses with my now smiling work colleague.