Video Poker

To play online video poker for free just visit an internet casino and choose which version of the game you would like to play. It is much simpler to play online video poker for free than it is to play at traditional land based casinos like those found in Las Vegas, Atlantic City or Reno this is because places like that, unless you actually live there are very far away and require travelling hundreds if not thousands of miles, then there are the hotel room costs to consider also not forgetting the ridiculously high prices casinos and hotels charge their patrons for food and drink. It is much easier to simply play at home, where you can enjoy your favourite game of poker in the comfort of your pyjamas in your most relaxing chair in complete peace and quiet. There are many variations of Video Poker so always make sure you choose the one that suits you best.

When you play online video poker for free it is also a great way to learn how to play the game without the distraction of the background noise which is present in all casinos and the intimidating atmosphere created by both the players and the dealers. If you play online video poker you can be assured an environment that is conducive to good study and because you are playing against the computer and casino and not against other players, you will not have to worry about your every mistake and weakness being exploited by a person who would like nothing more than to walk home with their pockets filled to the brim with your hard earned money.

Another great advantage, when you play online video poker for free is that contrary to popular belief it is a much cheaper alternative to playing at land based casinos, this is because you won’t be forced to put in stake money to join the game, you also will not be forced to make blind bets and most importantly when you play online video poker for free you will not be forced to bet more than you can afford due to a competitor upping the stakes, constantly increasing bets, and trying to bet their way out of a bad bluff. Last but not least when you play online video poker for free you are able to get higher payouts and better odds, this is because an online casino has the extra money to spend on its players, instead of spending millions upon millions of dollars a month paying building fees and staff salaries simply to keep their doors open. Online Pokies is the world’s most played casino game and has turned out more instant millionaires than all other games combined.