Those of you who already play video poker online know that video poker and poker are very similar, as video poker is based on the traditional card game played in casinos across the world. In 1981 two rather creative (or rather bored) guys named Sittman and Pitt took poker, turned it on its head and added a computer and voila-video poker was born. If you play video poker online you’ll see what an easy and fun way it is to pass the time, or to make a few dollars here and there! Once you get used to playing against the pc, you’ll never want to stop! Play online poker and discover that it has its own rewards.

There’s no more need to brave miserable weather to play at an overcrowded poker table in an overpriced casino-play video poker online and have a much better chance at winning and a far more pleasant experience. Play with your online friends or a few games before you go to bed if you can’t sleep…doctor’s orders! Video poker has become a huge industry since its inception. There are many options to choose from when you play video poker online, so you’ll never feel bored!5 card draw, jacks or better, jokers wild, king of the decks… you can play a different one every day of the week. When you play video poker online, the setup on your screen will be exactly like that on a machine in a casino, only it’ll be in the privacy of your own home. If you are new to video poker, I suggest you play for free on an online casino site for a while before you jump in and bet your hard earned cash.

Want to play video poker online? Here’s how it works! To play video poker online you need to pick your casino, and the variation of the game you want to play. You choose the amount you want to bet by clicking on the coin on screen. Once you have done all of that, click deal. Click hold on the cards you want to keep, and discard on the ones you don’t. You will be dealt replacement cards. If you have a winning combination as listed on the paytable, you win! Be sure you fully understand all the casinos rules and terms, as well as the rules of the game before you get started, to avoid disappointment later on. The best way to get good at any game is to practice, so play video poker online as often as you can! Only Online Keno can provide you with such an intoxicating blend of simplicity and enjoyment.